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EMUSI is located in the North of Spain near the French border, About 20 km from San Sebastian. The factory is situated in an exceptionally good place as Communications are concerned, since it is on the road and the railway links which join paris with Madrid and Lisbon, and less than 100 km from the airports of San Sebastian, Biarritz, Bilbao and Vitoria as well as the ports of Bilbao and Pasajes.

EMUSI was founded in 1940 under the name EMUA. The principle activity in those first years was the manufacture and rebuilding of paper machinery. Later, production was diversified and divisions for auto motion presses, rolling mills, heavy welding, and machining of big pieces were created whilst continuing pay special attention to the paper Division. Had been the licensee in the past for the world leaders like Jagenberg/Valmet, Tampella, Ahlstrom, Wartsila and Jylha. Its current premises comprise about 12,000 m2 and it has a workforce of 90.

Paper Machine Manufacturer Two Drum Verticut Winder Machine Embelt Winders

The present product range starts from the practical and conventional two drum VERTICUT winder to the new Generation EMBELT winders, not forgetting the effective and automated EM-500 and EM-1000 for high production machines.

Products of EMUSI

  • Winders (upto 2700 MPM speed)
  • Reconditioning of old winders
20271 lrura (Guipuzcoa)
Apartado - 236,
Tolosa, Spain.
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